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Brian Azzarello's "Joker"

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Brian Azzarello's "Joker" Empty Brian Azzarello's "Joker"

Post  Admin Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:06 am

From the award winning author of "100 Bullets", Brian Azzarello, comes DC Comics "Joker." Based of of 2008's The Dark Knight's Heath Ledger portrayal of one of DC's most notorious villans. The story follows Johnny Frost, a low level mafia no-name, who is quickly propelled to the top when the Joker is mysteriously released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health. Artist Lee Bermejo's depiction of some of Batman's most infamous rogues follows the same gritty real-world style of the joker's style, from a stripping Harley Quinn to a tattooed Iggy Pop sort Riddler.

Johnny promises "You don't know me, But all my life, I knew you would. That I'd do somethin'-- Be somebody-- That you'd know, and take notice. A big man, front row seats, nice suits, my own booth at the Toniest resturant in town.SOMEBODY. Through his escapades with the Joker you begin to see Johnny gain his confidence and strength as his right hand man. With his exposure to the murders, skinnings, beatings, and savage humor of the green haired fiend, Johnny begins to understand and adopts the Joker's mentality.

Johnny becomes less threatened and more comfortable with his mentor, despite warnings from Harvey Dent and others claiming, "He will stand over your body, with YOUR blood on his hands and I promise you he WILL laugh...Not because your life means anything to him-- But because DEATH, for him-- is the PUNCH LINE." Johnny begins to pilfer Joker's actions and believes he is understanding the punchlines. One thing Johnny can't understand is why now that "The Boss" is back on top, he holds such fear of one man, "The Batman." Johnny can't how one vigilante could have "His hand on the rug", The Joker strangley questions"Can't you feel it SLIPPING AWAY!?" After finding Killer Croc's body strung up in a warehouse Johnny realizes Joker's fear a they run...for their lives. "Joker setting the streets on fire, dragging me-- Spitting and screaming through TEARS. Joker I mean. I WAS LAUGHING." Then the Joker attacks, striking Johnny down, holding him at gun point to fend off The Batman. Joker fires a shot and Johnny falls to the ground bleeding profusely from his freshly inflicted wound. "My name is Johnny Frost, but I don't have to tell you that, do I? You know I'm somebody... You know what I see? Do you want to know what I see? ...I see you. A Disease. One that has been around longer than Gotham, the city infected. A disease that's OLDER than any city, hell, it's probably the same disease that built the first one. Because there's NO CURE for him. No cure at all. ...Just a Batman."

Although short, I would recommend this graphic novel to anyone, comic readers and non-readers alike. Azzarello tells an amazing and dark story that could easily be a true story in any crime rampant city. And for fans of Heath Ledger's portrayl of The Joker, his character definately lives on in the book. Trash Cast gives it a 4 out of 5 rating

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